Detailed feature guides on how to navigate prescriptions on the DRO Health App.


Prescriptions are a major part of the DRO Health ecosystem. After consultations with our partner doctors, they might have some prescriptions for you. Prescriptions can be filled using our in-app pharmacy. Viewing Prescriptions from Records and Appointments Exporting Prescriptions Ordering a Prescription

Exporting Prescriptions

You might need to export a prescription for any reason after viewing it. To do this, pull up the prescription from records or from appointments. At the bottom of the ‘Prescription Details’ page, you will see the ‘Export this prescription as a PDF’ button. Click on that to generate a PDF export of your prescription.

Ordering a Prescription

You can order your prescriptions using our in-app pharmacy. We offer same day, next day, and 48-hour delivery options. After viewing your prescriptions from records or appointments, open up the ‘Prescription details’ page and click on the ‘Order this prescription’ button. This will add the medication to your cart. Proceed to order using the checkout […]

Viewing Prescriptions from Records and Appointments

Viewing Prescriptions from Records To view prescriptions from records, open up the app and click on the ‘Doctors’ button at the bottom of the page. There, you find the ‘Prescriptions’ button under the ‘Records’ section. Click on that button, and the Prescriptions page will come up. On that page, you can find ‘All’ your prescriptions, […]

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