Diagnostic Tests

Detailed feature guides on how to navigate diagnostic tests on the DRO Health App.

Diagnostic Tests

DRO Health offers the option to book diagnostic tests in-app. These might be self-prompted, or recommended by a doctor after a consultation. You can update the status of these tests as well as upload your results. Viewing Diagnostic Test Requests Booking a Diagnostic Test Viewing and Uploading Diagnostic Test Results

Viewing and Uploading Results to a Test

Viewing results uploaded to a test If you book a test through the DRO Health App, our partners will upload the results as soon as they are ready. You might also want to access your previously uploaded results. This guide will take you through viewing uploaded results. On the Diagnostic tests page, you will see […]

Booking a Diagnostic Test

Booking a requested test The first step is to view your test requests. When you click on a requested test card with the ‘Book Now’ tag, you get the details of the doctor and the test, and you can find the ‘Book Test’ button. Click on that button, and you will be directed to select […]

Viewing Diagnostic Test Requests

Viewing Diagnostic Test Requests from Records This is a step by step guide on viewing diagnostic test requests from records. First open the app and click the ‘Doctors’ button at the bottom of the page. There, you find the ‘Diagnostics’ button. Clicking on the ‘Diagnostics’ will take you to the ‘Diagnostic Tests’ page. Click the […]

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