Mental Health

Detailed feature guides on how to navigate the mental health wellness plan on the DRO Health App.

Mental Health Consultations

Subscribing to a paid plan unlocks the ability to book consultations with licensed therapists. To book a consultation, 1.       Open up the mental health dashboard 2.      Click on the Consultation card to bring up a list of practitioners grouped by date and time 3.      Select a preferred time […]

Mental Health Follow-Ups

If there’s a need to have a follow-up consultation after your first consultation with the doctor, they will send you a request. To view follow up requests: 1.       Open up the mental health dashboard and under the ‘Services’ tab, scroll till you see ‘Follow-up’. 2.      Click on the ‘Follow up’ […]

Mental Health Prescriptions

After your consultation, the doctor might prescribe some drugs for you based on your health needs. To view your prescriptions, 1.       Open up the mental health dashboard and under the ‘Services’ tab, scroll till you see ‘Prescription’. Click on the ‘Prescription’ button, and that will bring up your prescriptions. They are grouped […]

Choosing a Mental Health Plan

The free mental health plan gives you access to the mood diary and mental health assessments. To access paid features like consultations, you need to upgrade your plan. There is a weekly plan as well as a monthly plan. To upgrade your plan, 1.       Open up the mental health dashboard 2.    […]

Mental Health Wellness Package

The mental health package has been designed to help users manage their mental health. It encompasses our previously released mental health assessments and mood diary, with the addition of consultations with a therapist. Mood Diary Assessment Tests Choosing a mental health plan Mental health consultations Mental health prescriptions Mental health follow-ups

Taking an Assessment Test

Assessments are a part of the mental health offering to our users. We have a range of mental health assessment tests for users to take, and the results will help you determine your mental health state. There are currently four mental health assessment tests you can take – depression, anxiety, stress, and general mental health. […]

Mood Diary

The mood diary has been designed to help users keep track of their moods and feelings. The mood diary is aimed at helping users understand their moods and notice mood patterns and changes. Users can log entries daily based on how they feel, and also view analytics based on their entries. To access the mood […]

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