DRO Mobile Updates

Mobile updates for the DRO Health Android & iOS apps

Mobile Release – v3.3

Our latest update, V3.3, is now live and available for download.  This is our biggest wellness rollout yet. In this update, we are three wellness packages as well as some bug fixes. With these wellness packages, you can take various aspects of your health into your hands, consult with specialist doctors, and get some drugs covered […]

Mobile Release – v3.2

DRO Health 3.2 is here! In this update, we are charging on with our wellness rollout, with additions to our diaries and assessments! We are also launching the DRO Health Community, a platform for health and lifestyle enthusiasts to connect and share tips. You can also expect some bug fixes. Key things released in v3.2 […]

Mobile Release – v3.1

In line with our promise in our release notes for v3.0 to roll out updates more frequently, we are back and better with an update – DRO Health v3.1. We are committed to our goal to deliver quality healthcare services to our users, and we have designed some features for this update that will do […]

Mobile Release – v3.0

We finally rolled out the latest version of our mobile app – DRO Health V3. This update is the first of many to solidify our stance as the best telehealth platform. We thought long and hard about what we want to offer and how we want to offer it. We designed the new update to […]

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