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What is DRO Health?

DRO Health is a healthcare company established with the main aim of providing the majority of the African population easy access to quality healthcare.

Our main product is the DRO health telehealth platform; the DRO Health app. Through this app, you can book consultations with various doctors, order prescriptions, and book diagnostics tests from the comfort of your home using your smart device.

How do I book an appointment on the app?

  • Download the DRO Health app from the App Store (iOS) or Play Store(Android).
  • Open the app and follow the simple instructions on the screen to register.
  • Once you have registered, select “See a practitioner now” on the homepage.
  • Select the doctor you want to see, set a time and date, and make your payment. Your appointment is then registered.
  • Once you book and the doctor confirms, you can have a video/audio/chat consultation when it’s time for your appointment.

Can I book a physical examination through the app?

Unfortunately for now, no. However, after a virtual consultation, if the doctor feels you need a physical examination, they can refer you to a hospital (strictly at their own discretion). We are, however, working on a partnership with some physical hospitals to accommodate this.

Do I need to pay for consultations?

Yes, most doctors offer consultations for as low as ₦1500 and paying is a seamless process when your wallet is funded. Your wallet acts as your prepaid account with us, which you can use to pay for your consultations and other transactions.
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